Leiths week 3 - twice baked crab souffles and roasted partridge

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Week three started with twice baked crab and chive souffles. Egg whites were whipped up and mixed with a creamy concoction of egg yolk, béchamel flavoured with nutmeg, white crab meat and chives. Put into buttered pudding basins, these mini souffles were cooked until golden, fluffy and risen (about 15 minutes). We then turned them out, added a mixture of lobster bisque and cream and put them back in the oven (hence the 'twice baked' bit).

Next up, proper Autumn grub - roasted partridge, browned and then roasted on top of puy lentils, smokey pancetta, garlic, chicken stock and onions. Served with buttered green beans this is the type of food I love to eat on a chilly evening.

A couple of juicy birds...

A carved juicy bird...

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