Blood oranges... Ruby red orbs and a host of tarts

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Blood oranges are in season right now and the lovely Stirling at South Lambeth Market got hold of a few kilos of the ruby red citrus fruit for me last weekend.

There's something about the taste of blood oranges... they remind me of a trip I made to Florence in February about five years ago. Each morning we'd eat these tartly sweet red globes as we planned our day exploring the city.

Sweet, slightly tart and with a beautiful delicate fragrace, these fruit are perfect for pastry... And jelly. And salad. And soup.

First on my list of things to try was a fresh and fragrant king prawn, carrot and szechuan pepper salad... reminiscent of springtime. Light and refreshing.

When life gives you blood oranges... make a blood orange tart... or a host of tarts.

The first I made was a twist on a classic lemon meringue pie, replacing the traditional lemon curd filling with blood oranges (and a squeeze of lime for sharpness)...

I also used the blood orange curd to make a more traditional tart with icing sugar and blood orange zest...

And then topped a couple with caramelised blood oranges soaked in Grand Marnier.

Finally, a blood orange and chilli jelly. Tiny cubes of cool, smooth, tart and sweet jelly contrasting with a fiery chilli burn.

I also made a blood orange, carrot and ginger soup and still have half a dozen blood oranges to use, which will be juiced, segmented, and savoured....


ferdiesfoodlab said...

You've given me an idea for a petit four!! Blood orange marshmallow!! Tarts look nice what kinda meringue did you use? French or Italian? Are those jellies? More ideas!! All looks lovely!!

Unknown said...

It's a french meringue, albeit slightly overwhipped! the jellies were great... strained blood orange juice with no sugar so they were pretty tart. Added chilli too for a fiery kick. Blood orange marshmallow would be fab... and a beautiful colour too :)

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