Huskies, ski de fond and discovering local goat's cheese

Friday 20 January 2012

During our recent trip to the Alps, we visited a goat's farm - nestled above the ski de fond pistes in Confin - to buy some cheese. The walk from the car park is pretty spectacular in itself. In the summer, you pass through verdant green grazing pastures with a backing song of distant cow bells. And in the Winter, you traverse the cross country pistes and then trek through the snow to climb up to the farm.

A winding path to get our cheese

Waiting for a ride...

The goats live outside in the Summer and indoors in the Winter and they are milked each and every morning. Happy goats. We came home with two cheeses - a fresh crumbly one with herbs and pink peppercorns (that had been made that afternoon with the morning's milk) and a runny one that had been matured for about three weeks.

Perfect for a Salad de Chevre Chaud...

Or just on fresh bread, bought that morning from Le Bellier - the best artisan boulangerie in La Clusaz

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