Chocolate heaven at Paul A Young's

Tuesday 20 September 2011

I took a lunchtime wander down Wardour Street today to check out the hype surrounding Paul A Young's limited edition Damson Vodka truffles (made with Sipsmith's spirit).

When I arrived there were just 7 chocolates left.. and they looked divine. I slowly munched my way round the shop, stopping to test out the chocolate brownies and the 70% Madagascan dark chocolate.

The flavour combinations Paul uses are incredible - using savoury including rosemary, tarragon, goats cheese and even marmite (!) to enhance the chocolate flavour. The white chocolate and rosemary chocolates look like marbles - too good to eat (see pics below) and, although I'm not entirely sure about  the marmite creation, it does look really beautiful, with a dusting of shimmering gold powder on top.

Sipsmith's Damson Vodka truffles

Chocolate lover's heaven

Goat's cheese, rosemary and lemon chocolates and orange and tarragon

White chocolate and rosemary - they look just like marbles!

I love the gold leaf on these

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Eke said...

omg. this looks delicious! great post.

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