Farewell to Sicily - an ode to the land of plenty

Sunday 22 July 2012

We are leaving Sicily with heavy hearts and even heavier bellies. The food here is incredible. The freshest seafood, purple shining aubergines, juicy sweet peaches and the best citrus fruits I have ever tasted. I will miss the freshly squeezed juice available on every street corner.

I bought capers on the Aeolian Island of Stromboli (which also happens to be an active volcano, see picture I took from a boat below!) to make a Sicilian classic - caponata on the BBQ (I know traditionally it's not technically made on a BBQ but that's all I have to hand and the aubergines did taste wonderfully smokey after being char grilled before being added to fresh tomatoes, charred red peppers, garlic, red wine and capers). This accompanied the freshest tuna steak - also done on the Barbie - straight from the fisherman in Lipari...

And here are some more pictures of Sicily and the beautiful Aeolian islands of Stromboli and Panerea... including an eruption...

Smoked swordfish and tuna carpaccio, Granduca terrace, Taormina

Next stop, Southern Italy. Our aim is to get across to the Adriatic coast as easily as possible. Watch this space.

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